Facebook Ads & "Meta"

The term "Facebook Ads" is often used colloquially when talking about social media performance ads. However, the Facebook Ads Manager is just one of many social media ad managers through which ads can be delivered. Facebook is the pioneer and the largest of all social media ad managers. According to the company's own information, over 3 billion people can be reached via this, both locally and globally. Ads are not only delivered directly to Facebook, but also to Instagram and many partner websites, stores, apps, blogs and games. We can deliver ads in Facebook Ads Manager in a more targeted way than is possible with any other social media ads manager, which is what makes it so special. When people talk about social media ads as "Facebook Ads", it's somewhat like the case where people talk about "Tempo" and mean tissues, "Zewa", "Jacuzzi", "Uhu", "Tesa" etc. Facebook, or as it should really be called after the name change, META, is the fourth largest company in the world. The projected revenue for 2022 is more than 140 billion USD, and this revenue is generated almost entirely from the sale of advertising space. As a pioneer, they also currently provide the most opportunities to define target groups and play out specific advertising. However, depending on the brand or product, it may make sense to also deliver ads through other social media ad managers, such as TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit or LinkedIn. 

Campaign levels

Ads are built on different levels, where a wide variety of settings are made. It requires a lot of experience to properly exploit and use the so-called "campaign levels". There are three levels on which various settings and parameters are adjusted for delivery. Simplified, on the top level you select the campaign goal, traffic, sales, leads, reach, and much more. On the second level, important factors are defined, such as the target groups, the budget, the places of delivery, the time frames of the playout, and much more. The third and final level, is for the actual creatives, ad copy and format settings. Everything is ideally set, ensuring that the right creatives with the right ad texts are delivered to the best target groups at the right time. The levels can be combined in different ways, i.e. creatives and ad texts can be delivered in different combinations, adapted to the target group. It is important to know how to set the right frames, but also to leave the Facebook algorithm enough room for optimization. We will be happy to find out for you what the perfect settings are for your company. 
We manage to use the "secret weapons" of social media ad managers for our projects and our clients and use them successfully. These "secret weapons" are the algorithms behind the networks that actually just want to help your business. The point is to understand how these algorithms work and operate. The goal of the algorithms is to help the companies, and thus to generate even more advertising budget and thus more sales for the respective social media platform. Those who have understood this and know how to behave in order to be preferred, manage to make advertisements even more successful. Data and behavior patterns are collected about every social media user by the respective algorithm. This data can bring your company enormous advantages. Nowadays, data and information are the most valuable assets for companies. It is possible for us to exploit and use data enormously well via the ad managers of the social media networks. The algorithms perform cryptically encrypted customer and user matching. This means that with enough data, we can deliver ads only to users who are very similar in behavior to existing customers. If everything is set up correctly, the algorithms can match user behavior very accurately and on many levels. In this way, we use the advertising budget as sensibly and profitably as possible, and achieve sustainable success for your company. The acquisition of new customers also works very well with this matching principle. The matching of interests and behavior of users helps the algorithms to deliver advertising based on the interests of the user. A user who behaves the same way as an existing customer on the social media network is more likely to become a customer. The same applies to existing interests. This allows us to categorically include the right target groups, and exclude the wrong people. Thus, the advertising we deliver, is delivered only to the ideal users. 


Another "secret weapon" makes it possible to convert customers who were thought to be lost. Customers who leave a shopping cart behind or abandon a purchase can be targeted. We have here the possibility to formulate an advertisement especially for people who, for some other reason, did not complete the purchase. If you look at the figures, in most stores less than half of all products that are placed in a shopping cart are actually purchased in the end. This is where a huge potential falls by the wayside, solved specifically through social media ads. In this way, many of the customers who have already been lost can be won over after all, for example with a small discount in an advertisement that is then delivered specifically only to the people who have abandoned the purchase process.

Performance Ad's
Case Study

Graphic designer

The graphic designer works together with the ads experts to develop a concept for suitable creatives for the ads, which are then created by him in the next step. This can also happen in cooperation with your team.

Texting professional

The advertising texts must be formulated to match the creatives. It is important to use call-to-actions and to emphasize the right things. Our business psychologists in the team ensure ideally formulated advertising texts.

Ads expert

The strategy for delivering the ads is designed in the team. One of the experts is then primarily responsible for the day-to-day management and optimization of the ads, while another checks against them and provides constant input.

Project manager

A project manager is always directly involved as project manager and takes over the communication with your company. He will provide the most important information as well as evaluations and be there for concerns.
Generated over 116.000€ in sales in one month. Profitable with double digit ROAS.
Project description: In addition to the goal of generating sales as profitably as possible, the goal is to acquire new customers. The use of dynamic ads ensured that Got Bag's products were specifically placed on the Facebook and Instagram platforms in the right target groups. By touching points with users and creating trust and emotions through the right creatives and addresses, everything quickly turned out to be profitable. Many new customers were acquired through the promotion of the products. Almost all ads are targeted at sales and are designed and placed accordingly.
Revenue in one month
+ 116.000
Reach each month
+ 400.000
New customers each month
+ 100
The advertisements managed by SKYLL GmbH on World Ocean Day were significantly responsible for the social media success on the corresponding day. Keywords are retention of existing customers and generation of new customers. Through their experience and expert knowledge, they were always able to make the cooperation satisfactory."

- Martin Keiffenheim // Co-Founder und CEO // Got Bag GmbH