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FB Ads & Performance Marketing

Using paid social media ads, brings 9/10 businesses more success than any other performance avenue. Targeted ads generate new customers and sales for businesses.

Social Media

Using paid social media ads, brings 9/10 businesses more success than any other performance avenue. Targeted ads generate new customers and sales for businesses.

Influencer Marketing
IG / FB / TikTok

Using paid social media ads, brings 9/10 businesses more success than any other performance avenue. Targeted ads generate new customers and sales for businesses.

Social Media

The right social media campaign delivers reach, new fans, sales, branding and most importantly a lot of valuable "user generated content". User content is mandatory for all modern businesses.

Work with us

Most lack both the necessary time and experience to deal with social media and the algorithms behind it. That's why we provide professional and successful support to SMEs and market leaders alike. We deliver performance for social media activity. We present our services clearly broken down. Regular reports and the possibility of live viewing provide a full overview. We want to retain customers like you with our services and performance. Therefore, we waive fixed terms in our cooperation contracts if desired, and focus on data protection and customer security.

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How we work

Strategy development
We develop a strategy that is individually tailored to a company and ensure that CI and brand language flow into the strategy. We take into account things that work in the market and for other clients and have already brought great success.
Increase conversion
In addition to our actual tasks, which primarily provide for reach, awareness, the right traffic and sales, we also help to improve the store externally in the next step.
Brand building
We make brands known, nationally, internationally, or locally. Influencers and followers, who stand behind brands, provide public reputation and a social proof towards customers. The reputation as well as the trust in the brand benefit enormously.
Increase social sales
With us, your company doesn't have to spend a lot of time on social media. Concentrate internally on the daily business, we take over all the tasks that successful social media marketing requires. 

Meet the team

Our team has an average age of 25 and consists exclusively of digital natives. Everyone in the team, has been dealing with algorithms, performance marketing strategies and the behavior of users in the various social media networks for years. As a social media agency from Generation Z, we have understood exactly what it takes to be favored by the algorithms behind the networks. We also help your company to be successful on social media, to gain new fans and customers, and to achieve sales. Get to know our team!
Influencer Management
Social Media Management
Content & Artist Management
Operative Management
Social Media Management
Head of Social Media Management
Performance Ads Managment
Client und Sales Management
Head of Performance Ads Management
Destruction Management
Influencer Management
Social Media Management
Content & Artist management
Operative Management
Social Media Management

Social Media
concepts for success

In three years of existence, we have been allowed to plan and implement over 300 different projects for more than 75 companies. The success of our influencer collaborations, social media campaigns, performance ads and our social media account management, make SMEs and market leaders alike trust in us. Experience shows we can help 9 out of 10 companies right away. It is possible to greatly improve the performance of social media ads and accounts, even with small adjustments. So if you are interested, we can also check for your company how we can further improve the performance. For this purpose, we offer a free check, in which social media ads and accounts are examined. This way we can localize errors and problems, fix them, and thus improve performance. If you are interested, please contact us via the contact form.

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Despite, or maybe because of our young structure, market leaders as well as SMEs trust in us and our services. We bring social media success to companies and companies authentically to the user.The same secret ingredients end up in your project as in the case of our other clients: experience from the various social media networks, our own accounts with over three million followers, comparable projects in which we work on a daily basis, accumulated knowledge of algorithms and user behavior, contact with numerous influencers, and much more.


Plastic removed from ocean
1.000 Kg.
Planted corrals
300 Pcs.
An einem einzigen Tag wurden über 25.000€ Umsatz für die Marke Got Bag erzielt, und damit einiges bewegt, jeder Sale tut Gutes! Aufgrund des World Ocean Day wurden an diesem Tag alleine über 1000 Kilogramm Plastik aus dem Meer entfernt und über 300 Korallen neu gepflanzt.
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Video clicks with song
90 days
Über ein einziges Video, wurde eine enorme Aufmerksamkeit für die Universal Künstlerin “Aurora” und ihren Song “Runaway” erzielt. Mit der Universal Kampagne wurde ein scheinbar unauffälliges Video mit dem Song hinterlegt, das alleine über 36 Millionen Aufrufe erzielt hat.
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Institution for technology and economy Saarland

Video Aufrufe mit Song
90 Tage
In Vorlesungen für die HTWS bringen wir Studierenden und jungen Interessenten Social Media und Algorithmen näher. Hier geht es darum, den Studierenden zu den theoretischen Learnings auch praktische Beispiele zu liefern, und zu zeigen wie Unternehmen Social Media Kanäle führen.
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